SGL Battled Thailand's Flood Crisis in 2011

The image of flood damages to each of the industrial estate still imprints in many reminiscences. Around the end of September 2011, the catastrophes attacked several major industrial estates such as Saha Rattana Nakorn, Factory Land, Rojana, Hitech Bang Pa-in, and Navanakorn, respectively. During this period, no one could do anything except preparing themselves for the situation on handling each problem as safety and assistance to each employee in the organization was the most important concern.

SGL was one of the unfortunate companies in Navanakorn Industrial Estate that suffered severely from the flood. However with the unity of our organization members, SGL had prepared alternative plans to handle the uncertain situations. The company eventually overcame the crisis and returned to the normal state in a short period of time.


The defensive process started when the management team and the safety department made an area-survey around Navanakorn Industrial Estate to see the overall situation of the floods. Both teams paid very close attention with the settlement officers and shaped up the preventive process by focusing on SGL's safety-first policy. The Rescue Teams and several strict guidelines were created to instruct the correct solutions. For example, move goods to higher ground. Moreover, necessary equipments such as sandbags, water pumps, power back-up and boats were provided to each department for further precautions. However, SGL staffs were stand-by at the warehouse in order to provide prompt response to each of our customer.

During this period, the company recognized that transportation was one of the major solutions for unloading and moving the customer products. Thus, we prepared to coordinate with partners including the Department of Transportation and Office Coordinators to Laem Chabang and Amatanakorn branches to prepare the space for clients who must relocate the goods. At the same time, our customer service department had continuously reported the water levels and the situation of the company to each customer collectively.


As soon as the government and Navanakorn Industrial estate officers released the notice to factories in Navanakorn Industrial Estate to shutdown and be evacuated, SGL employees and nearby citizens began to follow the evacuating processes. The customer service department informed customers about the temporary location of SGL Navanakorn office and constantly reported the water level situation. Nevertheless, the company has backed up the rescue team to help distribute the food, water and aid packages to disaster victims.

Meanwhile, the rescue teams from the government, Navanakorn Industrial Estate and Thai army have joined forces to guard the area from the flood crisis as much as possible. Due to the fact that SGL is fully equipped with tools and machineries for major transportation services, Thai Army Rescue Teams thus sent a request to borrow the mobility equipment that SGL plant project department normally use. Through this, The Army Chinook Helicopter (CH-47D Chinook) could bring each container and align them as caulk to prevent soil erosion.


When the water level dropped, the company then legitimately started to rebuild the branch. The Big Cleaning Day Project was immediately pioneered by the management team. With the collaborative efforts of everyone in the organization who fully dedicated themselves to save the company, SGL could step over through difficulties and restore to the current state of present.